Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Today is Tuesday...

Isn't that a catchy blog title? Yeah, I've got nothin.

Today I took Grayson to his appointment at the Dr. It was a check-up on his pneumonia. He is doing "100 % better" in the words of the Dr. after listening to his chest again. I could already tell that my little G was back in action. His eyes have that twinkle again, he wakes up giggling with his brother, he polishes off his meals like nobody's business, he's climbing on top of tables and throwing balls at picture frames...yes, he is back indeed!

All 3 of them are feeling much better. Little Adie Padie was diagnosed with RSV this past Sunday. I wanted to get her checked on too. It appears it's just a mild case, and hadn't reached her lungs at all yet, so I have just been keeping a close eye on her. The past few nights she has been sleeping like a champ again which has given her (and me!) some much needed rest.

Oh these boys of mine. The ins and outs of raising toddlers. I guess this is just the way it's going to be. I experience so many emotions in a single day with them. I seriously feel bi-polar sometimes in my emotional state throughout the day. Some moments I will look at them with complete and total awe over how cute they are, or how big they are, or how nicely they are playing together or playing with their sister

...and then the next moment I can be bug eyed watching them make a disaster out of the living room in 3 seconds flat, or saying, "push brudder" and shoving each other, or saying, "bite" and taking a chomp out of their brother's arm, or saying, "no, no, no" to me after I ask them to do something even after I have talked with them, and punished them, and counseled them on how we do not do those things! They are certainly in the pushing the limits stage.

And they are SOOOO busy!

Mobile and Curious are the two words I would use to describe them at this stage in the game.
I often strap them in to their high chairs when it is time for meal prep so that I don't have to try to keep up with both of them at the same time! It just makes it so much easier and less stressful right now!

(Ethan left, Grayson right)

This is a picture taken the other evening. The boys like to climb up on the dining room table chairs, sing the happy birthday song, and then blow out the candles on the centerpiece. They call the dining room the birthday room since that is where they blew out their candles this past December.

*Note - this entire blog post has been written in the hallway outside my son Grayson's door who has decided that he doesn't need a nap today, but instead needs to sing the A B C song over and over and over again.

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  1. Your blog is just so wonderful...thank you for sharing these moments with us. While reading your blog I can almost feel the wind in my face as I am taken back to a time when I would be so in awe of my little ones and the next moment feel as though I could burst into tears. When you figure you are trying to actually keep them safe and bring 'em up right...it takes energy. And I'm not just talking physical energy, but lots and lots of emotional and mental energy. You do a great job...you are a great mommy:)
    The idea of putting them in their high chairs for crowd control and safety at meal prep time is a great idea. That way they can color, etc. and still stay safe. Adie is taking it all in. She will have all the minute detail down to a fine science when she is up and about. Lots of love,
    Mom H.


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