Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brain Shuffle

I am struggling with a head cold right now, so trying to maintain a coherent thought is quite a stretch. Instead I'm just going to ramble with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Feel free to read if you want, but no pressure. I'm warning you already that I don't know what's going to come out. Throughout this post I am also going to stick some pictures of my precious little Adders who turned five months old this past week. I often call her Cherry since she is just the cherry on the top of this little family of ours. I am smitten with that girl. Completely head over stinkin heels. She's a keeper - in case you were having any doubts about that.

adie 5 months

The boys are gone to their MawMaw's today, giving me a chance to catch my breathe, blow my nose, and actually finish my entire cup of coffee. Speaking of my boys - I'm not sure if I was ever warned by just how much energy two little boys that just turned two years old would have! Unless they are sleeping they are very rarely sitting still. They spin, run, climb and jump everywhere they go. Every morning when I enter their room they look at their beds and say "All done Mommy?" As soon as they know they are free from laying down they are up and at em!


These boys LOVE their sister. Especially Ethan. He gets SO excited when Adelyn is around and is always saying "Hug, Hug." He hugs her at least fifty times a day and talks to her with this little high pitched voice saying, "Ear Adie" as he hands her some toys to play with. He is so gentle with her. Grayson loves to hug her too, but his hugs usually consist of trying to lay his entire body across hers. She still smiles and pulls his hair, but I have to closely watch that little boy with her!


I have been doing some house shopping online today. I have made a few inquiries about a few places of interest that might work for us. How strange to see pictures of these homes and see where we may be living next. It is so true, as some of you have commented, that as long as my family is together THAT is where home will be. I AM so glad that I get to take them with me! I told Chris the other day that we could live in a one bedroom home and we could make it just as long as we're all together. (Preferably though I think we'll try for at least 3). :)


Grayson caught a cold about two weeks ago. We have had many lessons on sharing here recently, and the sweet child is so obedient. He shared it with his brother, who then decided to share it with his sister and myself! I took both boys in to the Dr. at different times due to difficulty breathing, wheezing, etc. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't RSV or something that needed treatment. Luckily that came back negative and it is just a viral thing that is just going to need to take some time. They are both on some medicine to help with their cough, congestion, etc. and seem to be doing much better.


Adie and I are right in the midst of it right now. We are hunkered down here at home today just sneezing, coughing, and snotting together. She is just wanting lots of cuddle time, which is a pretty tough job for me, but I think I'm up to the challenge.


I put a size 3 diaper (Adelyn's) on Ethan the other night (he wears a 6). I didn't realize the mistake I made until he was already sound asleep. I also put the milk in the pantry, but realized it just a few minutes later. I think I need a vacation.


A new set of knives came today. It was a much needed purchase in our home. The knife set we had been using was something we had purchased when we were first married ten years ago. It started out as a Farberware set, but over the years some of those knives have broke and somewhere along the way we have just added random knives to our connection. Some plastic, some was quite the hodge podge. I guess I'll have to cook something now. Hmmm...

Where did that one come from? Oh well. Let's leave it. That was taken BC (before children) with Chris when we first moved in to this home six years ago.

My parents are being pounded with snow in Minnesota. Mom said that you have to actually drive UP if you want to go in any of the ditches. The ditches are usually about 8-10 feet deep! Can someone remind me why we're moving there again, as I enjoy our 60 degree day here today??

All this stuff in Egypt has captivated my attention. I have been scouring the Internet, watching the news, in awe of all that is unfolding there. It is all very unsettling and unnerving to hear about. I wonder what all will come of it. Where will it lead?

A little girl is beckoning her Mama. I guess perhaps I'll have to go nap along with her.


  1. Your mistakes make me laugh. Just this morning, I washed my hair with body wash and scrubbed my body with shampoo. Oh, well, soap is soap, right? When you go on that vacation, can I come, too? ;-)

    Those pictures of Adelyn are GORGEOUS! Great job!

    Hey, I just noticed my button in your sidebar. Wow. Thanks! :)

  2. I knew I was forgetting something... Your new header is very cute! :)

  3. What a little beauty! Adie is just precious...I love her pictures and the new pictures on your blog:) So many changes taking place in your life it must be difficult to keep up with them all...especially the two legged variety! Know you and your little family are prayed for with all our heart. Love, Mom H.

  4. Oh, I feel for you guys all being sick! Everyone in my family has caught a virus, except me. (I guess all those years teaching has made me immune?) We keep going back to the doctor for ear infections that seem to accompany the virus.

    It sounds like the boys are doing better in their beds.

  5. So excited {but really sad at the same time} that your house has a contract on it and you are preparing for your move. :)

    Those pictures ~ oh, my goodness, I could eat her up! :) TOO cute!


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