Friday, February 11, 2011

Is Spring Here Yet?

I am sad when I see days upon days going by without a comment from me on my blog. There is so much life that I am missing out on documenting and reporting - but truthfully we have been swallowed up around here!

For over two weeks now we have had sick kids in this home. Grayson was seen at the doctor two weeks ago today. They reported it was just a virus and was going to take time. He seemed to get better for a day or two, but his fever returned with a vengeance and he has been under the weather here recently yet again. Adelyn and Ethan have also been sick, and we are keeping a close eye on them. They both had a cold and now it has turned in to this cough that just won't quit!

Grayson, however, just seemed to be in a pretty big funk. He just wasn't himself at all. Chris and I decided to take him back in this morning and get him checked out. After listening to his chest we tried to do a breathing treatment on him. It didn't make much of a difference. The doctor then decided that we should get an x-ray taken of Grayson's lungs just to make sure we weren't dealing with pneumonia.

We drove across town to a different office to get the x-ray. My little boy looked so little as he had to stand in front of that big x-ray machine. I was able to stay with him and comfort him. He was scared saying, "Hold you Mommy! Hold you Mommy!" He was able to pick out a little stuffed animal when he was done. He chose a monkey, along with two truck stickers.

We then had to return back to the doctor's office again to get the results. It is pneumonia.

Grayson is now on a strong dose of antibiotic for the next ten days. I will take him back to the doctor early next week to see if he has improved.

I am hoping and praying for a full recovery quickly for him. He is just so sick of feeling this way!

I feel so sad when they are not feeling good. Everthing else is put on the back burner and all that matters is cuddling these sweet kids.


  1. Oh, poor little guy! I hope he feels better soon too. It's so hard when they're all sick, and they all need you, and everyone starts feeling cooped up. Hopefully that antibiotic will kick in soon and he'll be running around again!

  2. Anonymous12.2.11

    Feek better soon our dear grayson--love bapa

  3. I am glad things are looking up. I know it feels like you are in a hole when they are sick. You just want to crawl out. Hang in there. Sunshine is on its way. Be sure to try to enjoy some this week!!! Miss you!


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