Thursday, April 14, 2011


I turned

IMG_7464 IMG_7467

and it was a really great day.

Shopping with two of the most special women in my life - my Mama and my Daughter

Drinking a free strawberry margarita

Hearing the phone beep and buzz throughout the day with greetings from friends and family

Having my daughter fall asleep on my chest

Grayson and I dancing together this evening, him in my arms, his head thrown back, not too big to love being there

Ethan asking me tonight "Mommy's birfday day? (Mommy's birthday today?) He then went on to ask me, and inspect, if my fingernails were clean or dirty (it's been his thing lately). :)

Finding out my husband has arrived safely in the same state as me and the fact that I get to see him in just a couple days!

Being blessed beyond measure by all the people that love me, support me, encourage me, and believe in me.

It was a really great birthday.


  1. Happy birthday, Beth! Or, to put it another way, happy birfday! Which is much better than barfday. :)

    You are very loved!

  2. Hey Betty! Just wanted to stop by and say hey! I thought of you so often yesterday; hope all is well with everyone. Sounds like things are going really well there- what a blessing to you to have your family close by! May this year be filled with wonderful surprises and more joy than you can imagine!


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