Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Life on 3rd Street

Life In This Moment...


is full of a naked little girl who despises the idea of having to lay still long enough for a diaper to be placed on her little backside.


is blooming with a spunky little personality that already has us in stitches (and completely, utterly in love) Forgive the crusty nose. I blame it on teething, and a lack of face washing.


involves a lot of pulling up. And a lot of falling down.


is being discovered on hands and knees

Cars Movie 1

has two little boys pretty excited about their first experience seeing a movie on the big screen. (Grayson kept yelling out during the movie, "What is Mater doing???)


is pretty safe spent next to Daddy


has interesting stories to tell:

Ethanosaurus: "My name is Ethanosaurus. I like to swim in the swimming pool at Uncle Michael's house. I like to walk. I'm a nice dinosaur."

Graysonosaurus: "My name is Graysonosaurus. I like to eat cheese and pineapple pizza. I am very short. I have friends."


involves lazy afternoons at the park with sunhats and bubbles.

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  1. grandma Berres29.6.11

    My grandchildren are so beautiful!


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