Monday, November 28, 2011

It Just Feels Good

When was the last time I had laughed until I cried?

You know. Doubled over. Trying to catch your breath. Sounds of snorts and grunts escaping from your mouth...

When it's finished tears are streaming down your cheeks and your stomach aches.

It just feels so good!

So what exactly made me laugh so hard? My husband of course.

Looking back now the story doesn't seem quite as funny as it did to me at that moment, but I must share, because this type of humor is exactly what I love about Chris. (Okay, no I take that above comment back. After typing up this story I was in a complete fit of laughter all over again. Funny stuff I tell ya.)

Alright - setting the scene...

Last night I was getting the boys in to their pajamas. The boys were given some pajamas as a gift from my cousin a few months ago. Ethan pirate pajamas and Grayson firefighter ones. Whenever Ethan dons his pj's he says "Arrrgggghhhh," as any good pirate would.

Well, last night Grayson asked me, "What do I say?"

I told him, "You say, "Is everybody okay?"

Chris spoke up, "That's not what you say! He doesn't just walk in to a burning house, look around and say "Is everybody okay?" What do you think the people there are going to say? Yep, just fine here! Just working on my tan!"

It was just the way he said it. His tone of voice. It did me in.

I love being married to that man.

I love how my boys watched me losing it on the floor and then Ethan asked, "What's Mommy doing?"



  1. and now i am laughing out loud!!! I can just hear Chris say that!!! and I love "what is mommy doing?"

  2. I'm sure I'm not laughing quite as hard as you were, but I AM laughing. What a funny, FUN family you all are!!

    But what does a firefighter say??? ;-)

  3. Oh, I can totally here Kringle saying that. Probably threw a little 'head shake' in there. Hilar!

  4. Also, I wanted to add, I think its equally as funny that Eathan goes around saying AAARRRGGHH! Adorbs!

  5. Our husbands might share the same sort of humor!

    Did he have another suggestion as to what a firefighter might say? because I can't think of anything else.

    Glad you got a good laugh! What a blessing to have husbands who keep us light-hearted!


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