Friday, March 30, 2012

Double Trouble (or so they say!)

{Today I am linking up with other Moms of Multiples from Kelly’s blog over at Kelly’s Korner.  If you are visiting me from there – thank you for stopping by!  I hope you’ll stick around! Smile  I remember when I was pregnant with my twins I scoured the Internet looking for other moms of multiples.  It was such a comfort for me to know that I wasn’t alone, and that there was life after twins!}


Here is me at 33 weeks!  I still can not believe that picture!  Doesn’t it truly look like a beach ball in there?

Every mother of twins has probably heard the phrase “Double Trouble” more than a million times!  Ever since my itty bitty babes were born I remember the NICU nurses commenting on how full my hands were going to be when my twin boys became toddlers.


Well here we are…3 years and then some later, and yes, while my hands certainly are full, and there are moments where I have serious concerns about my mental stability – I have survived.  We have survived!  Or, at least, surviving!  We still have a long way to go I guess!

chris and grayson

But when I think back to discovering we were pregnant with twins, and then discovering that I was being put on bed rest at 23 weeks, then the natural delivery of Ethan at 34 weeks, followed by the emergency c-section of his brother 23 minutes later, followed up by the multiple weeks spent in the NICU…well I do feel like we have survived a lot!



mommy and ethan

Our lives have been completely transformed over these past few years, and additionally blessed with the arrival of little sister Adelyn 19 months ago!

Twins 243

I am an elementary teacher turned SAHM for this season of my life.  There are moments where I want to rock myself in a corner or run screaming for the hills, but truly I wouldn’t trade a minute of this madness.  I am trying to soak it in while I can, while they are all mine and in my care every hour of the day. 


It is a pretty wild ride and a pretty awesome responsibility!



  1. Just stopping by to say hello from Kelly's Korner! My twin boys are 3 also, soon to be 4. Time sure does fly :) You have a beautiful family and I look forward to reading more in the future. xoxo

  2. Stopping by from SUYL! Your family is adorable! I'm momma to a 4 yo son & two & half yo twin girls!

  3. You've come a long way, baby! You AND your family have! :)

    It's so much fun to see those early pictures of your boys; I guess that's when I started reading your blog and getting to know you. Actually, I think it was during your pregnancy with them. Anyway, it's wonderful to look back and see how God has provided for you and continues to sustain you as you care for your little ones.

  4. I'm stopping over from the Link up on Kelly's blog! I love this post because it sounds SO similar to our family's story! Our boys are turning 2 next month and spent a month in the NICU when they were born...I remember those itty bitty bottles (pictured in your post) and all of the details from that time so clearly. I cannot believe it's been two years! Double Trouble is definitely in full effect in our house but we are LOVING every moment! So great to read about your sweet family!!! :-)

  5. I so vividly remember those days when they were so tiny, but so blessed to have excellent medical care and loving parents. And now just look at the bunch of you!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!! What a blessing you all are to eachother and to those who love you. Sweetness and light:)


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