Sunday, March 11, 2012

How Big Are Ethan and Grayson?

So Big!


Yesterday it became official.  Bookies stay in bed.  If you ask the boys why they can’t have their bookies with them anymore during the day they will tell you, “Because I’m tooooo big!” 

It went fine yesterday.  We even skipped naps and went to play with our cousins and there was no thumb sucking, until the very end of the trip, when Grayson tucked his head, wadded up his t-shirt, and then stuck his thumb in his mouth.  He was so tuckered out!  It has been 2 1/2 years of holding that bookie and sucking their thumbs to calm themselves down.  It’s not going to be broken in a day, but yesterday was a pretty major step.

We celebrated with some yogurt parfaits and even sang the boys the “Happy No Bookie Day” song!  I am so proud of them, but a bit melancholy with another reminder that my babies are growing up. 

*The other day Chris and I talked with the boys about this event. Preparing them for the great bookie day that was to start Saturday morning.  This particular morning (I think it was Thursday), Grayson told his Daddy, “But Daddy, I need to have my bookie with me.  It is my map.  I have to look at it so I know where to go, so I need it with me all the time!”  Clever little stinker! Smile


  1. WAY TO GO ETHAN AND GRAYSON!! You looked so proud when we sang you the Happy No Bookie Song!!! Glad we could help you celebrate!!!

  2. Great idea!!!!!!! You and Chris do such a great job of preparing your children for changes in their lives. Please tell them we love them and that we are so proud of them!!!! And I just love that Grayson looked at his bookie as a map!!! Brilliant! Love to all!


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