Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I’m coming up empty when it comes to blog posts these days. 

Truthfully, it has warmed, the birds have returned, and life is returning to the land. 

And we too are emerging. 

I haven’t snapped one picture in the past week.  I need to get on that.

All is well though.

Looking forward to Easter, some time at home with family, and the arrival of MawMaw for two weeks very soon.

Nap time has arrived in our household, and I have a book due back to the library the end of the week, so I best get on that.


  1. Your new header is GREAT! :)

    Enjoy the spring weather and all the LIFE that surrounds you!! :)

  2. You and your precious family just enjoy this beautiful spring weather, birds as they fly here and there, and the world just coming to life...embrace it and drink it in with your eyes and hearts!!!!! Love you all so muc:)


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