Thursday, August 5, 2010


4 weeks from today I will finally meet you face to face.

4 weeks from today your brothers will get to hold their baby sister for the first time.

4 weeks from today your Daddy will have a little girl in his arms who can begin to melt his heart.

4 weeks from today we can start life as a family of 5.

4 weeks from today I can nuzzle my face in to your neck and breathe in the smell of you.

4 weeks from today I can hear your tiny cries.

4 weeks from today I can study your little fingers and toes and kiss each one.

4 weeks from today...

4 weeks from today I will have to say goodbye to these amazing feelings of life inside of me as you kick and stretch and grow.

4 weeks from today I will have to share you with the rest of the world and this time that you just you and I have shared privately will be no longer ours.

4 weeks from today my precious daughter...

you will be here.


  1. LOVE the belly...what a sweet post. You're captured the feeling so well!

  2. So sweet! You look so beautiful, and I can't wait to meet the little miss! :)

  3. CAN'T WAIT!!!! You look beautiful Bethy!

  4. Congratulations on making it this far. We just had our little girl on Monday, just 3 weeks early. I know your little girl will be as precious as ours.

  5. Beautiful...just beautiful:) And your sentiments about your precious little girl are adorable. Cannot wait to cuddle her myself.


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