Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monkey See...

The boys spent the day at MawMaw's house today. When Chris brought them home this evening he told me that they had a first today! They decided to climb on out of their pack and plays at nap time and run all around the bedroom. MawMaw went in, put them back, and told them to go on to sleep. Not long after they were out and running around again! Then Pop decided to go on in and make his presence known! They stayed in their pack and plays after that!

Tonight as we were tucking the boys in to bed we were kissing Grayson goodnight. Chris whispered to me to look at Ethan. When I looked over at Ethan in his crib he had his little left leg swung over the edge of his crib with a big smile on his face.

We are entering a whole new chapter here folks!

I just KNEW they would learn to crawl out of their cribs just as soon as this baby was set to arrive! :) God does have a sense of humor doesn't He?


  1. Look out, lil' momma! Enjoy! I loved your belly pic. You look great!


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