Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Taken today at 36 weeks, 6 days.

As I look ahead to the birth of our daughter I am filled with such an overwhelming sense of anticipation. It is a completely new feeling for me that I have never experienced before. With my pregnancy with the boys I wasn't able to ever really get this feeling of excitement because I was more concerned about them coming prematurely.

Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks along. Considered full term.

I look at this growing belly of mine and I am in love with it. I am even a little bit in love with the stretch marks that are popping out all over the place (I didn't get any with the boys but I'm getting plenty this time around! I think my body is all like "What in the world are you trying to do to me with two pregnancies in two years crazy woman!?")

I am just thankful, and don't take for granted for a second, this gift that we have been given.

This gift of carrying a child.

This gift of parenting.

I know many people who were not, or are not able to experience having children of their own naturally. This is one of those sad mysteries of life to me...why some people are able and other deserving and amazing couples are not...

I do not take the responsibility lightly. It is such an overwhelming duty that we are called to as parents. It's so much more than just sticking in a movie and wiping off a mouth or two...

I am scared sometimes thinking about what comes along with the arrival of this new child.

Another person to raise, shape, mold, instruct, discipline, teach, love...

Last night I held my precious sons in my arms, one on each side of me, while we said our bedtime prayers. I felt their little bodies warm in their footie pajamas against me. Their little heads nestled in against my chest. Breathing in the smell of their newly shampooed little heads...and I just paused.

How quickly will moments like that be over....fleeting....a memory...gone.

And so as we anticipate the arrival of this newest member of our family I feel like it's Christmas and I have this amazing present to unwrap. This present I've been studying, shaking, inspecting, longing for...

I can't wait to see her. My arms long to hold her. To smell her. To kiss her every precious part.

What an amazing miracle.

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