Sunday, September 25, 2011

And Here We Are Again...

Oh Blogdom-

Why is it so hard to disclipline myself to take the time to sit down and write with you more often than I do?

When I finally do take the time then I feel like I want to play catch up on so many different topics and my entries become more of these random comments than anything else.

I really, really want to work on that. :)

So...with that said...I am going to do one last random entry and then hopefully I can get started having some organization to my future posts!

I want to thank those of you that have hung in there with me and have been faithful readers of mine. I'm sorry I don't always provide the most interesting reading on the web, but I still thank you for at least thinking me worthy of your time at all when I know there are so many other things you could be doing.

My knee is almost back to normal. The kneeling thing still is a no-go for me. We'll see what the doc has to say about it all on Tuesday when I go back for my post-op. We got our insurance payouts in the mail yesterday. Ouch. Still thankful we at least have insurance to help out a bit though!

My precious mother-in-law left yesterday morning after spending nearly the past two weeks with us. She was such a huge help and it was so much fun to have her around. The house is really empty without her and there was some tears shed when we had to say goodbye.

Potty training is still being tackled in our home. I am slightly convinced that my sons may be 30 and married before they finally catch on to this whole thing. The problem that I'm currently facing is that Grayson in particular is terrified of the toilet. Terrified. I don't know how far to push him without causing him even more anxiety. At the same time though I can't just put him back in a diaper and forget about it for another few years. Ei yi yi.

Adelyn is inches away from walking. The sweet girl has taken a few steps, but she is completely content with crawling at the moment and is in new huge rush to change it. She is getting her bottom tooth and drooling like a sailor. I don't know if sailor's really do drool a lot in particular, but it works for me if it works for you.

My sons are so incredibly precious to me. There is no changing that. At the same time though I have to admit that there are moments when I am completely and totally wishing away this age and just want to snap my fingers and make them four. See, the thing is that right now they are in this stage of fighting and whining about everything. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Okay, not everything. They typically have no problem eating their dessert. (It's just when they can't have seconds!) I feel like every day I am a soldier preparing for battle. I plant my feet firmly on the ground and I stand against their tests. They are pushing, pushing, pushing - trying so hard to discover their boundaries. Currently these are just a few of our daily battles:

1. Who sits where in the kitchen. They both want to sit "by the window." This is the closest spot to Adelyn and both boys love to sit by their sister. So at every meal they switch spots back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. They have even now begun to hang their bib on the other chair after each meal to claim their spot for the next go round.

2. Who wears which jacket. I bought the boys two new fall jackets. One red and one blue, because silly me, I assumed that possibly they would like to have something different from each other and not always look like identical twins from head to toe. Well as soon as I pulled those beloved jackets out of the bag the boys both exclaimed, "I want the red one!" Sigh. Now I suppose I could have assigned one boy to the blue jacket, but how do you pick such things and explain it to a two year old - so instead this too we switch each and every time we go anywhere.

3. Who sits where in the car. In our car there is one particular spot where the boys can see their sister. For this reason they both want to sit in that chair. So, once again, every single time we go anywhere we have to remember who sat where last and let them sit there. (Although now I have decided that whoever has the blue coat on gets that spot just to make it a tad bit easier for my poor brain to remember!).

Along with those times there are so many times a day where they make me laugh so hard. So many times when they make my heart melt in to a puddle...

So many times when they just want to make me lie down and take a nap!

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  1. and you are an incredible mom Beth!
    You and Chris are doing a great job with those boys!!The rewards will be rich!!


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