Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Few More Pics and an Update

Sitting here in the recliner, quiet home, feet propped up, while Chris tucks his sons in to bed.

I could just hear the muffled sound of their evening prayer song through the ceiling as I sit below.

I had the MRI on my knee done yesterday afternoon. Friday morning at 7:30 I will meet with the orthopedist to determine a course of action.

My Dad was here for the past two days helping us out, and tomorrow morning my Mom will come and spend the day with us. How thankful we are for the help! You don't really realize how often you use your legs or the use of your arms (without holding crutches), to get around! It is pretty limiting when I can't have a daughter on my hip or a basket of laundry in my arms!

Last night after Chris had tucked the boys in he heard Ethan yawn. He then heard Grayson ask him, "What did Ethan say?" (Grayson asks this question constantly - he wants to be in the know!) Ethan said, "Nothing. I'm just tired."

The other day Chris was out running errands with Ethan and Grayson. They pulled up to a building and Ethan said, "It's closed Daddy." Chris asked him, "Ethan, what letter does closed start with?" Ethan said, "ca-ca- C!" Chris said, "That's right!" Grayson piped up and said, "Lucky guess." Ha!

Our little Adie Pads has got a tiny bug. She's just not her spirited self today. A bit more cuddly than usual. She went to the park this morning with Bapa and had a great time until one of her brothers decided to run her over when she was on the slide. She's got the bump to prove it!

I miss my Virginia friends. I miss the start of the school year and the excitement that always comes with getting to know the children and getting in to the groove and routine. They have all been on my mind a lot lately. I was hoping to get out there this fall for a visit...still hoping I can!

And now a few more pics that I uploaded on to the computer:













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  1. What a great composite of pictures Beth!!!! You have a lot of goofy family members!! Love it!!!


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