Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Grayson's Version of Potty Training...

It appears we've got a long way to go...


  1. Ava did the same thing! She pulled her undies on her head all by herself and ended up with a pig tail sticking out each leg hole! Then she pulled another pair on over her pants. Too cute. And your Grayson is adorable!

    Hang in there! It really does "click" one day. Jack was just a little over 3 years old and Ava was just under 3 when it clicked for them. There are a million tricks to try that I'm sure you've heard of - putting cheerios in the toilet for boys to aim at, an award for each succesful potty event, etc, etc. What finally worked for us was one M&M after each successful #1 potty event and 2 M&Ms after each successful #2 potty event. I'm not a briber or a candy giver, so that's probably what made the M&Ms such a hit.

    You're a teacher, right? So I'm sure this isn't anything new to you, but just the other day I was reading some stuff in the homeschool curriculum we will be using for preschool through first grade or so that really encouraged me. Somedays I feel like I am talking to brick walls and that nothing that I am trying to teach is penetrating their little minds at all. I felt that way sooooooo often with potty training too. But what I read the other day said, "just keep inputing the information. Don't water it down. Keep teaching the infinite (espcially in regards to spiritual matters). Their brains ARE processing it, even if you can't see it. And one day, all that data entry will bear fruit." I was just encouraged that my efforts aren't futile after all! : )

  2. Thank you Cassie! That was such an encouraging word for me! I would love to know what curriculum you are using for your children. I have been looking at some different ones online.

  3. I do believe I have VERY similar picture somewhere on my computer of one of the boys... :)


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