Friday, September 30, 2011

Stealing Noses and the Beautiful Insanity That Is Sometimes Referred To As My Life...


Did your Grandpa ever pretend to take your nose off your face and then stick his thumb up between his fingers and wiggle it back it forth declaring, "Got your nose!"?

Ethan and Grayson have now learned this from their father. It sends them in to a round of giggles every time.

Now though instead of just wiggling it between their fingers and then placing it back on the noseless victim's face - they have taken to throwing the said nose across the room. They do it now with each other and they get so upset when their brother throws their nose and doesn't put it back. There are many things that I never thought I would say as a mother, and this morning was another example when at breakfast I caught myself saying,

"Just reach out and put your own nose back on your face."
"Ethan, stop throwing your brother's nose in to the living room and eat your breakfast. "
"Grayson, remember that it is just pretend! Ethan really didn't take your nose."


Those pictures above were taken this morning as the kids and I enjoyed some fall time outdoors. Princess Adelyn was pulled around in the wagon by her brothers, and then ingested some sidewalk chalk.
The boys collected leaves and created masterpieces on the driveway with teddy propped up watching (all while wearing underwear might I add...the boys, not teddy).

It was a ton of fun until hunger struck and we decided to head indoors for snack/lunch. With everything cleaned up we attempted to head in to the house. Yup. Attempted. Locked. Couldn't believe it. My mind raced. What door might be open? What window might be loose? There must certainly be a key around here somewhere right? Well, after every possible scenario in my head came to a dead end I confirmed with my own mind that we were certainly locked out of our own house. I loaded Ethan and Adelyn in to our double stroller and Grayson walked along with me as we headed to our new next door neighbors house (Who I'm sure now wonders who the cat drug in to the neighborhood). Luckily he was home and graciously allowed me to use his phone and call my husband, who was also very gracious to leave his work day and come home instead of allowing his wife and children to starve and freeze (my hero!).

While we waited for Daddy to come home we took a walk down the block and back where we enjoyed the sunshine, the changing leaves, and the 'Mater parked in a driveway a few houses down. I then ushered the boys up in to the van to warm while Adelyn and I finished putting away a couple things. After a few moments (literally it was not even a minute), I opened the door to the van and Grayson was laying inside the van holding a handle in his hand with this dazed look on his face. The monkey had decided, it appears, that he would pull on the handle that hangs beside his door as hard as he possibly could, and it ripped right out of the van leaving two huge holes. Lovely.

Then Daddy pulled in.

We were saved.

There is a whole other story I was going to share about some more insanity that happened right after lunch...but let's just say it involves two little hands, a boy who had just gone to the bathroom in the toilet (yep), and another little boy who was having another moment of "I have to pee so bad but I am so deathly afraid of the toilet so instead of just sitting and relieving my bladder I am going to run in circles in the living room and cry." It was just a moment where I had no idea who I should help first. Should I help clean up my son who has just gone in the toilet? Should I keep my daughter's hands out of it? Should I put a diaper on my other frantic son before he hurts himself?

Do you have any idea how much I love my life? Would you truly believe that there was no sarcasm intended in that sentence at all?

Someday all of this will be memories. Beautiful, hilarious memories. But right now I am living it. In the middle of it. Up to my elbows in it. Immersed in children. Loving the craziness.


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  2. I LOVE this post! You certainly are busy! ;)

  3. Yes! I believe you love this crazy life with your children! But I also know you are tired and a bit frazzled sometimes.....because I feel the exact same way - blessed and tired and frazzled.

    What a day you had! I hope the toilet fear gets better for your little guy. : (


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