Thursday, September 1, 2011

Getting Settled

Day 1 as a family of 5 in our new home is coming to a close.
It feels so good to know tonight that all of us are here together under one roof.
Ethan, Grayson, and Adelyn all seem really excited and content to be here. Many times today I would go searching for them after the house would become eerily quiet, only to find them reading a book or playing quietly with a toy. Now, not to say that there were not equal amount of times when I had to remind some little people about indoor voices, respecting each other's personal space, not stealing your brother's snack, not stepping on your sister when she crawls in front of you just for the fun of it, and to top it all off settle down three freaked out children after the smoke detector went off while I was preheating the oven. It sounded like an animal being tortured.
Ahhh...but it's good.
One box at a time...
It just feels right. It truly does feel like home.
We already have lists being created in our heads of upgrades, personal touches, and renovations, but for a while we are just content with unpacking our boxes and starting to live life together here in our new home in Minnesota.
Here are some pictures (taken by my parents) of the boys seeing their home for the first time last evening. I was SO excited to see them pull up. I had missed them so much and had butterflies in my stomach as I waited for their arrival! They were so excited too! I have never seen them so full of excitement! Running from room to room and Grayson touching everthing and saying, "I member this!"

First View of New House 022

They're here!

First View of New House 027

The first thing they did was hop up on the rail and say, "Hi Ama! Hi Bapa! CHEESE!"

First View of New House 033

Checking out the fridge...a pretty important feature!

First View of New House 049

Our four season porch


Grayson was all grin!


Adelyn enjoying the play room


So good to see those bodies back on our couch again!





  2. SO happy for you all!!! Miss you!!!

  3. What exciting times! I can't wait to see more pictures! :)


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