Monday, October 31, 2011

What's Working For Us... and Not So Much

Thumbs Up...

Bribing the boys with M&M's to go to the bathroom is super (thanks Cassie). Especially since we upped the anty to 5 for doing the deed in the BIG potty. (Sooooo much less clean up if you catch my drift). They will now no longer even go near their little toilets. Even though they get sung to if they sit on those! Instead they just hop around waiting for their brother to finish before they take a turn.

Ever since the boys were moved to beds last January we have been battling them about staying in bed all.night.long. Even after we bought Mr. Green Light (a.k.a. "Buzz"), they had a hard time staying in bed. The constant chase back to their beds was becoming exhausting and some nights Chris and I were finding ourselves sitting outside their door until near 10 p.m. every night, only to have a few minutes to spend together before heading to bed ourselves. About a month ago we started doing a sticker incentive (thanks Angela!) where if the boys would stay in bed from the moment prayers were said, all the way until Buzz turned green in the morning at 7, they were given a sticker. After five stickers we take them to the dollar section at Target and they can pick out a prize. Ethan loved it from the moment it started. He has already picked out three prizes (cotton candy, a snake, and a bouncy ball). Grayson had to make sure it was truly worth it, but after seeing his brother get that snake, he too has now jumped on the sticker wagon and got his first prize yesterday. The past few nights this entire house has slept all night long. Simply marvelous.



A bonfire with friends this past weekend certainly worked for us. It is so nice to just slow life down a few notches once in awhile and just sit together and drool as you get lost staring in to the flames talk.

Carving "Popcorn" the pumpkin was a hit with E and G this year. I remember last year they wouldn't touch the ooey goo inside, but they were all about it this go round.

What Ain't Workin So Great...

When this moment played out for us yesterday afternoon. K, ready?
Just moments before Chris had to leave to fly south for the winter (or just a couple days...perhaps it just felt a bit longer than that)
Adelyn woke up crying in her crib. Chris and I were trying to have this deep discussion, but upon hearing Adelyn cry I knew something was up.
I walked in to her dark room and just knew. She had a bug. My poor girl was covered in vomit. She was terrified and tired. Not a good combo.
Chris helped me strip her down and run some bath water for her, and then he literally had to go before he missed his flight.
I got Adelyn washed up and dressed.
Ethan woke up.
Grayson woke up.
Ethan had to go to the bathroom.
Grayson wanted his snack five minutes ago.
Adelyn starts throwing up again in my arms. All over me, her clean body, my clean floor...
I looked at her.
I looked at the boys. (Who were looking at Adelyn with mouths hanging open. They were frightened to see their sister sick like that).
I looked down at myself.
And then I said out loud, "I really have no idea what to do."
I was totally at a loss. Where do I put Adelyn? Do I help her first? Obviously the snack can wait, but what about my other son who desperately needs to use the restroom before I have another mess to clean up.
I just put this image in my mind of what life would look like an hour from that point, when everyone would be cleaned up, tended to, and content.
And I just tackled it. One thing (kid) at a time. I'll spare you all the details. Let's just say we got er done.
(Thankfully, after a 14 hour sleep last night, Adelyn woke up pretty much back to herself this morning, and by this evening was rockin and rollin in her costume and seemed back to her party queen self again!)
Grayson wearing my boots didn't go so well. That boy has no grace when it comes to wearing heels! I just had to laugh when I came around the corner the other day and saw this boy in his underwear and his mother's shoes.
You win some, you lose some. :)

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  1. Oh my! I hate mommy moments like that! At least you were home and knew the kids were safe, even though they were stinky!

    My boys recently learned to climb out of their cribs. I immediately ordered crib tents online with 2 day shipping. It has worked wonderfully and I'm hopping to use them until they're at least 3! :)


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