Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Company

Pop and MawMaw were able to come from Virginia and stay with us from December 7 until December 16th.  We had such a great time and stayed very busy during their week here!


We spent some time celebrating Christmas together. 



New jammies!


Adelyn was given a Tag junior for Christmas.  She loves it and wants to carry her little Scout with her everywhere she goes! (And leave it on and run down the batteries every couple days or so). Smile


The boys were given the older version of the Tag system.  It is such a neat concept! I really enjoy the books along with the boys.  It is a nice quiet activity they can take part in while I am making dinner or dealing with Adelyn or whatever.  They can read the book to your child, along with educational activities and games on every page.


This one is just kind of thrown in there. But seriously folks, don’t you just want to squeeze her? Smile




The kids and I spent one of their last days at the Mall of America together.  It’s great to stay cozy warm, but yet be able to get out some energy riding some rides and walking the massive mega mall!  We had a great day, complete with lunch at a tropical oasis and cookies and smoothies to wrap it all up!

Thank you MawMaw and Pop for taking the time and spending the money to come all this way to be with us.  We love you both very much!

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  1. Oh Beth, we loved every special moment. You all opened your home and hearts to us once again for a joyous time together. We just loved it!!! Great pictures and lots of wonderful memories!!!!
    Love to all:)


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