Monday, January 21, 2013

Snow Much Fun

This past weekend the kids and I spent a few days visiting my parents. After their three week trip to South Africa over Christmas I was very lonesome for some quiet time with them on the farm.  My brother was also home with us for guard, so it was great to all be together and hunker down.

Friday was a beautiful “warm” January day in Minnesota with a high in the mid thirties.  It called for a celebration and a little outside time!  I had a great time being a kid again and exploring the land with my children as I used to do many years ago with my brothers. 

Sledding down the hill by my parents slough.

Chasing after the kittens (whom the boys have named Cinnamon, Piggy Bank, and Cutie).

Eating fresh snow (hopefully pretty fresh!)

Making snow angels

Attempting to build a snowman

Having a snowball fight

Jumping off the largest snow piles we could find

Boot skating on the ice

I love seeing my babies with rosy red cheeks.

That wonderful smell on their skin of fresh air that escapes as their coat is removed is intoxicating.

We came inside after that to some warm milk and excited tales for Ama all about our adventures of the day.










After that beautiful day some arctic air came rushing in, along with about an inch of snow. As you can imagine on the prairie of Minnesota snow and 50 mph wind gusts don’t mix well.  The kids and I spent an extra night at Bapa and Ama’s while the storm passed. It was a true Minnesota blizzard.  The scariest part was that it hadn’t even been called for so many people were caught off guard.  Luckily we were safe and sound in a cozy home and the kids certainly didn’t seem to mind an extra night at Grandma and Grandpa’s farm.

Today our high is –7.  -7!  Wind chills are reaching in to the –30 to –40 range.  It’s a good thing I love my family as much as I do, cuz man this cold isn’t much fun!  It is a good excuse to hunker down and get cozy though!


  1. love these pictures BEth!!! What a blessing to see these healthy, rosy cheeked children out running and playing in the snow! They look so happy!!!

  2. Looks like they (including their Mommy) were having a great time. Such great memories. Miss you all so much and hope that you are all keeping very warm as I hear it is suppose to get even colder there...even down in the teens here at the beach on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Love you all so much. Big hugs for all and looking forward to our next visit:) I can just imagine how Ama and Bapa feel looking out of their windows seeing their daughter outside playing with their grandbabies!!!!! Probably lots of blessed memories from when you and David and Michael were young.
    Love and blessings.

  3. looks like you had alot of fun without me while I was off to work. I can just read Ethans mind in that one picture of him trying to fiqure out how he can turn on the water at the faucet..
    so fun to have you out here--missed the kids daddy however

    love Paba


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