Monday, January 21, 2013

Two Little Ears


There is this little boy.  I think he’s one of the greatest out there.  He’s four years old and feisty, but has the most gentle tender spirit tucked away inside.  This little boy is a charmer, a heart melter, and has completely captivated me.

For the past few months we have been noticing a lot of, “What did you say Mommy?”  “What did you say Daddy?”  And then when he failed his hearing test at his kindergarten screening we began to have some questions as to what might possibly be going on with those two little ears of his.

Today I took my precious child in to the ENT and they did some further testing.  It was discovered that Grayson has moderate hearing loss in both ears due to excess fluid that isn’t finding the correct way out.  The doctor believes that Grayson is hearing at about half of what he should be. I was astonished.  I had no idea it was that bad.  He (the doctor) was surprised that Grayson hasn’t complained to us about pressure or pain from the fluid, but he never let on to anything!

This next Monday Grayson will be going in for outpatient surgery to have tubes placed in both ears. 

When I called Chris to share the news with him his voice was filled with relief.  Although we hate to see our child have to go through any procedure at all, we are so thankful that it is something fixable without having to be too invasive or something permanent that he has to live with.

As we pulled out of the parking lot I was explaining to Grayson what was going to happen next week.  Grayson was worried that it might hurt him. As I went on the explain the procedure and that he was going to be able to be asleep, I glanced in my rear view mirror and saw a huge grin spread across his face.  He then found out upon talking with his Daddy this evening that he also had it done when he was a little boy and that made him feel a lot better!

I think the sweetest comment of the day though came from his concerned buddy Ethan.  Ethan said, “But I am going to worry about my brother. I am going to want to make sure he is okay.”

I am so excited to see what this world sounds like to Grayson when he is able to fully hear! I was reading today that often times children ask their parents to talk quieter, turn down the t.v./radio etc. because it’s too loud for them after the procedure!

More to come as we know more.  The surgery isn’t scheduled yet, but we know it will be next Monday the 28th at some point in the morning.  Prayers appreciated!


  1. When Chloe got her tubes in, it was instant relief for her. Like Grayson, the doctor was shocked that she hadn't been complaining about pain... but that wasn't what bothered her. It annoyed her that she could never understand the teacher because she was "too quiet." Once the tubes went in, she never said that things were too loud but she did mention relief at not having her heart beat keep her awake at night. Turns out the fluid plugged her up so much she could hear the heart beat echo in her ears all the time and it kept her up at night. Didn't I feel like mother of the year finding this out after it had been going on for months. We have our 1 year check up tomorrow and things have been smooooooth sailing. Hopefully it is as easy and helpful for Grayson!!

    1. Hearing testimonies of other children who have had this done is so comforting to Grayson AND to his Mama. I remember that Chloe had to get them put in. I too felt like a bad Mom wondering how long he's been living with this!?! Thanks for your comment friend!

  2. Prayers for a smooth surgery for your little guy!

  3. God bless doctors and parents who recognize and follow-up with problems their children are having!!!! In my years in Public Health, I saw so many children diagnosed with probems and so few parents willing to follow through with treatment. Last night at our Bible study, we asked that Grayson be prayed for as well. Bless his little heart. We love you all so much!!!


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