Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 14: I'm Thankful For...

...a mother who is still alive!

Yesterday my Mom called me and told me that she and my aunt had nearly been in a head-on-collision just minutes earlier.

It was a rainy, foggy day in Minnesota and the two of them were out shopping together. On their way home they came up on a semi that was moving too slowly for their crazy women tastes, so they decided to pass it.

They were right beside the semi when out of the fog appeared a car, about 50 feet away, headed straight for my Mom and Aunt Melody. There was nothing that they could do. They were completely trapped.

They both yelled the name of Jesus out loud, and somehow, only by a miracle, did they make it through untouched!

They looked in their rear view mirror and saw that the car had stayed on the road as well and had not gone in the ditch. Somehow the semi and two vehicles all shared that road at the same time and no car was hit!

I am SO thankful that my Mom was able to call me (as she was driving home! Get your hands on the wheel Mother :)!) just a few minutes later and tell me this story herself. I am SO thankful that it wasn't her time to go.


  1. Oh, my! So glad God was in control! Love you AND your momma!

  2. Oh my goodness! How scary! But what a great example of God's constant care of us. Rejoicing with you that your mom is still alive!!!


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