Tuesday, November 9, 2010

They Fought The Law...

and we all know who won that battle!

The update when it comes to Operation BeddyBye is this...


Ever since the one episode when Grayson made the great escape from his crib, it has not happened again (yet!). After that day I spoke with both boys and they haven't attempted it again yet. We too are firm believers in asking something just one time and expecting the boys to listen (This is definitely something we are working on a lot right now as they are exploring their boundaries and testing out their independence a little bit).

Part of me is really excited and ready to break them out in to big boy beds. I want to take them out shopping when the day does come to have them help pick out their bedding and make it a big deal and let them be a part of it.

However...we have decided to let the sleeping giant (s!) lie! As long as they are still zonking out at 7 and waking up at 7 without a cry or a battle - we are going to keep it that way for as long as possible!

We'll see how it all plays out. We are entering a new phase where Ethan and Grayson are really passing in to little boyhood. The baby days are leaving them behind and it is an exciting (yet sad!) ride.

We do however want to move them in to beds either here before we move, or wait awhile after we get settled somewhere. I had originally thought we would just start them out in beds when we moved to our new home - but I think that may be change overload and be too hard on the boys (and me!).

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