Thursday, November 4, 2010


Tonight as we were just sitting down to read our bedtime story together I sneezed. (Hopefully not because I'm due to get this nasty cold they both have next!) Ethan and Grayson both so sweetly and innocently looked at me and said, "Bess you Mommy." Sigh.

Completely made my day and wiped away all of the challenging moments that had me on edge and wanting to put them to bed at 5 pm.

1 minute later Ethan clenched his jaws and wouldn't let me brush his teeth, but we're focusing on the 'bessings' here tonight!

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  1. Have so enjoyed following your blog! I know your mom and aunt from church and am also the mother of twins. No third baby for us...yet! Your blog makes it all sound magical and peaceful, even the crazy bodily fluid moments that made me laugh with you! I know it's not magical and peaceful in the moment, but I am encouraged by another mom who's finding the beauty, the grace, and the gratitude in the every day.


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