Thursday, December 2, 2010

Playing Around

My blog was in need of a little change. Adelyn's picture on my title was an ultrasound pic for Peter, Paul, and Mary's sake!

The little black bird may not stay long. I really want to do a Christmasy (How in the world do you spell that word?? Is that even a word?) one, but I just can't get one to turn out the way I like quite the black bird it is for now.

It's clean. Fresh. I like it. Doesn't really fit with Baby Jesus, winter, or even Santa Claus for that matter...but ya do what you gotta do. :)


  1. "For Peter, Paul, and Mary's sake!" - how funny!! :)

    I love blog changes--obviously--but my December one took me a long time until I was satisfied with it. Almost drove me nuts!

    I like the way yours looks now; like you said, it's clean and fresh. Very nice!

  2. You better change it fast! I miss not seeing one of my grandchildren when I first open it up!!! comparision!!!
    Love mom

  3. Your mom cracks me up. :)

  4. Love this color...its a keeper! But I'm with mama Berres....put somma them cute babies up top! Then come and work on my header with all your extra time. :)

  5. Okay! Okay! I just can't take the pressure. Here are some kiddos for you! Now I need to get back to work!

  6. Is Mom happy now? ;-)

  7. Davene! I feel your pain in making these headers! I become addicted and I spend so much time trying to get it just so! I promise the one I just put up is my final one until after Christmas is done! :) BTW - I snuck a quick peak at yours and I LOVE it! How in the world did you get all four boys to smile at you? I need your tricks!

  8. Aw, thanks! :)

    Well, first of all, I didn't try to get a picture of all of them smiling and looking at me at the same time. Individual pics in a nice collage works for me at this stage of life!

    Second, I think they're getting used to me whipping out the camera and sticking it in their faces. :)

    Third, I took LOTS of pictures!

    But to tell you the truth, even I was surprised by how well they cooperated this time around. From big Josiah to dear little Shav, they all acted like pros and did exactly what I wanted them to do.

    It doesn't always work out that way. ;-)


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