Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Don't You Ever Grow Up

I find myself at times thinking about how much easier life will be when my children are just a little bit older.

I often tell Chris "Well, when they are just a little bit older we can do so and so."

Sometimes I even find myself lost in a daydream of what life will be like when we no longer have to worry about diapers, naps, cutting up food, holding crying children....

And then I have moments when it hits me that life as we know it right now is changing much too quickly. I will soon look back and all of those things that I had only dreamt of will be a reality.

I can not believe that my baby boys, my tiny five pound babies, my firstborn sons, will be turning two tomorrow. How is that even possible?

Tonight as I fed Adelyn before bed, I sat her up to burp her and she was leaning forward resting on my hand. Her little tired head was resting against my chest, and I just buried my face in the back of her neck, kissed it, and just tried to stop and remember what that moment felt like. A quiet house, a dimly lit bedroom, the little warm body of my daughter nestled on my lap.

I always think I won't forget what moments like that felt like.
That we will have countless more evenings and feedings just like that.

But the truth is it goes by so quickly.

I truly don't want to miss anything due to being preoccupied, hurried, exhausted, or absent.

I really wish I could just freeze time.

I am so looking forward to this Christmas when Chris is home for a week and a half with us.

I just want to soak it up.

Soak it in.

Why do they have to grow up?


  1. I have had these exact thoughts many times. I have to constantly remind myself to not wish time away. Elliot has already lost some of his babyness, and it sort of makes me sad to see him do big boy things. Alice is constantly telling me she wants to do things by herself. She is fiercly independent, which is good, but it makes me sad that my baby girl doesn't need her mommy as much anymore.

  2. That Taylor is a wise woman!!! Don't you ever grow up!!! I miss seeing and talking to you!!!


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