Thursday, December 9, 2010

Such Concern

I know this picture is so blurry, but I loved this moment and just had to put it on here! (Grayson and Daddy)
Yesterday at lunch Ethan began coughing and choking on a bite of broccoli. His concerned brother Grayson, patted his OWN back and said "You're otay."

Angelic Grayson :)
Then, after lunch, Ethan asked me to "hold you mommy." I told him I couldn't at that moment because I was cleaning up lunch, but instead perhaps he could ask Grayson to hold him instead and they could go cuddle on the couch together. Grayson scrambled out of his chair, ran to the couch, opened up his arms, and sat there smiling and waiting for his brother to come cuddle! Ethan did it too! It then turned in to a game of Ethan yelling out "Hold you Gaysen" and then he would try and hug Grayson while Grayson would squeal and run away laughing. They chased up and down the hallway and in and out of the bedrooms. "Hold you Gaysen, Hold you Gaysen!"

The boys also are VERY interested in the Christmas Tree this year. They love it. We have made a rule that they are not allowed to touch it, because I can just see the chaos that could be unleashed if they are given free reign over it! So instead the boys walk around the tree as close as they possibly can be without actually touching it! They put their hands behind their back, their noses kissing the tree, and then they sing "Oh Tismas Tree, Oh Tismas Tree. La la lee lar or banches!"


  1. What perfectly beautiful little ones!! I love them and I love their stories!!! Thank you Beth!!!
    Love AMA!!!

  2. This post is positively so cute! I loved it. I could picture our Paul & Hannah doing some of the same things. Your children are wonderful and I enjoy following your blog. Thanks for taking the time to post.


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