Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You Know You're a Mother of Toddlers When...

there's a toilet by your Christmas tree.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Jack and Ava got a potty chair for the 2nd birthday nearly a year ago. And now, almost a year later, one fully potty to go. Even with one still in diapers, what a change!!!!! The diaper bill seems drastically less! Love this little post!

  2. Hahahahahahaha!!!! I LOVE it! Is it that you're a mother of toddlers...or just a redneck?! Just sayin'! :)

    Love ya! :)

  3. Ha ha, so funny!!

    Are the boys potty training already?

    It's such a cheerful looking potty. :)

  4. What a great picture!!! I love it!

  5. Now that is a really cute potty. On another note about potties around, our little Hannah carries out her potty and puts it wherever we are to use the bathroom. She is so social! We'll have to curb that at some point. I guess if nothing else, when she graduates to only using the big people potty, she won't be bringing that out into the kitchen!


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