Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Calm

May I never take for granted the way that life is at this moment.

How often do I find troubles in my life?

How often do I face problems that I feel are insurmountable?

Tonight as I was preparing dinner, (Chris is out of town) Adelyn was in her bouncy seat on the kitchen table sucking loudly on the sleeve of her shirt, Ethan had his little arms wrapped around my leg saying "Hold you Mommy - hold you", and Grayson was frantically pointing to the little mouse on our Christmas countdown calendar saying "Mouse Mommy! Mouse Mommy! Mouse Mommy! Mouse Mommy!", and I was overcome with the reality of just how blessed I am in this moment.

I have recently witnessed close friends suffer through some tragic circumstances in their lives.

I have been reminded of the frailty and uncertainty of life.

I have been reminded to not let my little problems become mountains.

But instead to savor these days when my children are healthy and here with me.
These days when I have a warm shelter to call my home.
These days when I look in my full pantry and have the "burden" of deciding what to make for dinner.
These days when I have a husband who loves me.
These days when I have two living parents.
These days when Christmas presents are piling up waiting to be wrapped.

I was overcome with emotion this evening as I looked at my life through different eyes.

I then took each one of my children in my arms, I put my lips to their cheek, I wrapped my arms around their tiny, warm little bodies, and I lingered for as long as I possibly could.

May I never take the calm for granted.


  1. What a blessing! What can a mom/grandma say? Thank you Almighty God! Thank you!!!

  2. A good reminder for me. . .I was just telling my husband that I don't think a day has gone by in the past seven months when I haven't asked myself, why do WE have twins???, and then wish that time would go by just a little more quickly and that they'd grow up! Infants are hard for me, but I do want to appreciate and treasure this time as much as possible.

  3. Amen, Beth! Thanks for sharing your thoughts; they always seem to come at a time when I need them. ;-)

  4. You make me cry!! :-) Love you still!


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