Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We're Not Talking Trash

A couple of months ago I was talking with the boys about their upcoming birthday. We were talking about how they would be turning 2, how they would have a birthday party, how they would have a birthday cake and candles to blow out.

I asked them what kind of birthday cake they would like and Grayson said, "Gahbage tuck." Ethan chimed in after him, "Gahbage tuck. Gahbage tuck!" So...hence, a theme was born! A garbage truck birthday it was!
We had a nice time with some of Chris's family here to celebrate. I was sad that snow kept my Dad from being here for it, which he was planning to do. Next year when we are living in Minnesota near my family they should all be able to be a part of it. They were missed!

My friend Dana came over and gave me cake decorating lessons while we drank cocoa. She's a good teacher! I had so much fun decorating my first cake.

This is the boys seeing their cake for the first time. I made them shirts with their names and a garbage truck on them.

There is just something about the birthday song and glowing candles!

Tearing in to the gifts!


  1. Love it! You're cake turned out really well, and those look like two happy boys! :)

  2. Anonymous22.12.10

    I had written here but I think i lost it. What i said was that you did a great job on the cake beth. thank you dana for your help. I really missed being there for thier big day beth but we will be there for many birthdays to come. I wonder what their cake will be next year?
    Love dad

  3. That cake is adorable!!!! And what a cute, cute theme for little boys...so funny that's what they picked! I think you're a natural for cake decorating!


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