Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Our sons are now two years old.

e and g
I am no longer a mother of three children under the age of two.
e and g2
I can no longer cuddle Grayson like this and expect him to sit still (I still try!).
They no longer fit on my chest quite like this anymore either!
or squeeze their 35 pound bodies in to their car seats quite like their 5 pound bodies could!
Our home is now full.
Full of little boys who love to show how big they are (while holding their birthday candles).
Full of big boys in big bean bags that take up our entire living room floor.

Full of smiles and giggles that make this mama's heart burst.
Ethan Douglas and Grayson John -
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
My life has changed completely because of you.
You have brought so much in to our lives.
I am so proud of you.
Fiercely in love with you.
Incredibly blessed to be your Mommy.
Happy 2nd birthday precious children of mine.


  1. Such a sweet post! Your little men are growing up. They are so precious...just like their Mommy! Happy Birthday, Ethan and Grayson!!!

  2. Happy Birthday boys!!!! They are just precious as EVER. It's amazing how quickly they grow and change. Hope it's a great and special day for your family!

  3. Why did I go and read this now, before supper? I should have read this late tonight, after everyone was in bed, so that no one would laugh at my teary eyes. ;-)

    What a beautiful post! What beautiful boys! Your love for your family is infectious, Beth; thank you for sharing in this way. You inspire me!

  4. Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ethan and Grayson!!! :)

  5. Anonymous18.12.10

    Like Linda,, I check this everyday and am always so happy when I see you have updated it with another post. I was so happy to spend this birthday week with you and I;m so much in love with all three of your children. Happy Birthday dear Grayson and Ethan.

  6. Wow - those pictures of two little bodies laying on you brought back so many memories! A few tears stingy at my eyes - it really does go by fast! Mine will be 3 soon! Can't hardly believe it. Your intense love for your children is so evident and so beautiful!

  7. I loved seeing all the pictures! I think it's neat that they have bean bag chairs. We gave each of ours a bean bag chair for their 2nd birthday. Paul and Hannah use them so much--for snuggling, for jumping onto, for lying under them with just their heads sticking out, and whatever they can think of. It was a great gift for them and they haven't outgrown them yet.


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