Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Friday


The sun is shining today after three days of solid rain.

My husband comes home this evening after being away for the past six days.

Ethan is on medicine after discovering this morning that he has a double ear infection.

Grayson does not have a urinary tract infection like I was concerned that he might.

A dear friend that I have reconnected with since we have moved back, offered to come over this morning and watch Adelyn while I took the boys to the doctor. Her and her daughter came over and spent about two hours here with her. This was such a huge blessing to me, because the logistics of taking Adelyn along between her nursing schedule, eating schedule, and the lack of arms on my body is a lot to coordinate!

I got a really, really thoughtful text from my husband this morning and I will probably never forget the words that were in it. He comes home today. (Did I mention that already?)

It's sunny outside (did I mention that already too?)

We are also walking through our first home tomorrow so I am excited about that!

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  1. Hang in there girl! :) We had a few rough weeks here not too long ago with ear infections galore {and as a mother I felt stellar when one of them had a double ear infection with no symptoms!}.

    Having a friend there is a HUGE blessing. :) So very thankful for friends that pitch in last minute to make life easier for me too.


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