Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I just want to say first that I am SO thankful tonight for friends who take the time to listen. I am truly, truly, blessed to have the kind of friends I do who listen to me when I need them most. They take me for who I am, love me for who I am, and encourage me where I am at. THANK YOU! Their calls tonight were exactly what I needed to get my head out of the sand.

In potty news, Ethan Douglas ACTUALLY pooped in the toilet yesterday!! Can you believe it? Neither could I! I did the craziest looking diaper dance you ever did see! I don't know if it was some kind of crazy fluke or what, but my little boy did it! He was SO proud of himself! He stood up and started doing the diaper dance himself! Grayson also clapped and cheered for him and said, "Good job Ethan!" All day long it was all either of them could talk about! Grayson on the other hand had a freak out moment yesterday and did not want to go without a diaper. We put diapers back on and I decided we would wait a couple days before tackling the topic again. Baby steps. :)

Speaking of baby steps...Adelyn is DAYS from crawling. That girl is pulling up on everything and getting SO close to figuring out how these knees and arms can work together to get her to where she needs to go!

She is also breaking out her first tooth. I truly believe she is getting a molar first. There is a little white dot there, she is chewing her fingers on that side all the time, and I can feel something poking through.

Never a dull moment in this household I tell ya.

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  1. I love to be a listening ear. Please continue to confide in me! Love ya! :)


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