Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Two and a Half










Two and a half years ago today both of you came in to our family.
My goodness, how our world has changed! :)
You two keep us laughing
A few stories from this past week:
- Yesterday morning I walked back in to the kitchen and saw Ethan's milk cup on the floor. I asked him "Ethan, how did your cup end up on the floor?" He looked at me, then looked at his spoon in his hand and said, "The spoon did it! No, no spoon!"
- This morning I walked in to the boy's bedroom. The first thing I heard was Grayson say to me, "Grayson did it!" I turned and saw that Grayson was completely naked from the waist down. He then told me as he pointed to a lump on the floor, "There's the diaper! It's wet!"
- The other morning we were having muffins for breakfast. I gave the boys an entire muffin with the paper on, because that is what they asked for. I explained to them, and they've seen before, that you must take the paper off before you eat the muffin. I got busy putting away dishes or bathing Adelyn or drinking coffee or something and didn't pay much attention to them until I heard Grayson coughing. I look over at him and he is pulling out a huge chunk of paper from his mouth! I rescued what I could of his, but there was only a little bit remaining. I look over at Ethan's plate and it is completely CLEAN! Entire paper gone. Oh vey.
- When we are driving in a car one boy will ask the other, "What song is this Ethan/Grayson?" The other brother will then tell him the title of the song. The first brother will then say "Yep!" I love it!
- The other morning the boys were in their room waking up. I could hear them singing "No more monkey's jumping on the bed!" The next thing I hear is two little monkeys jumping off their bed and on to the floor.
I love my little monkeys!
In the above pics Grayson is in green / Ethan gray


  1. Oh they are so fun! And aren't they so lucky to have each other? Raising twins is challenging at times, but it's so fun to watch them interact.

    What fun little memories!

  2. Great job capturing these memories!! The Ethan and the spoon story is so funny (also good evidence of the early appearance of our sinful nature, but shall we leave that for another day?). ;-)

    I'm grateful for how you always let us know which one of the boys we're seeing in the pictures you post, since I often don't have a clue. But in this post, I actually had it figured out correctly. Woohoo! :)


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