Monday, June 20, 2011


Update: Thank you for your prayers and thoughts for Madison! The surgery yesterday went perfect! Please continue to pray for her though as she begins the healing process. She has been dealing with a lot of pain and had a really rough night sleep last night. Pray for rest for her and healing for her body. Also pray for her mom, Kristy, to get some rest as well and feel peace as she has to see her daughter go through this ordeal.

Dear Blog Readers,

I ask for your prayers today for a precious friend's dear little girl who is in surgery this morning. She was wheeled in to the O.R. about 1 1/2 hours ago. She will be in surgery until this afternoon. She is having open heart surgery today to repair a hole in the atrium of her heart that she was born with.

Her name is Madison and she is eight years old.

Her two main concerns are whether or not she will be grumpy to the nurses when she wakes up from surgery, and what her scar is going to look like. :)

I have been praying for the doctors, nurses, and anesthesiologist - that they would be on their game, skilled and steady, smiling and gracious...

For the peace of the entire family as they wait out this long surgery today.

For the healing process for Madison, that she would be able to be completely and totally healed and get back on her feet quickly.

We love you Madison!


  1. Prayers said...hope she recovers quickly!

  2. Mom Berres20.6.11

    And prayers ascended on their behalf. Dear family!


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