Monday, June 13, 2011

My Papa

This past Thursday my Dad was up on the roof at their home. He was trying to replace a gutter before the fore casted rain arrived later that night. My Mom saw him up there and said to him, "Be careful up there!" Dad jokingly replied, "If you hear any loud noise come running!" She walked around the side of the house and before she even got all the way around she heard a loud crash. Her first thought was that he must have been joking and thrown something off the roof to scare her, but something about the sound just seemed off and so she ran back to see. There my father lay, unconscious, leg twisted through the rungs of the ladder. My mother had to yell his name quite a few times before he came to.
When he finally did regain consciousness he was very confused. He had no recollection of being up on the roof and kept asking Mom the same questions over and over again. He had cuts on his body from the fall, and he wasn't able to put any pressure on his left hip at all. Tediously Mom had to help him up and help him get cleaned up. She debated if she should bring him in to the hospital herself or if she should call an ambulance. She decided that she would bring him in.
After x-rays and cat scans they believe that my father has injured his pelvis. They are not sure yet if it is broken or not. He will need to get some type of cone scan done on it before they'll know that for sure.
It is a slow recovery, and it will take awhile for him to regain his full health again, but we are so thankful!
His head fell about 14 feet to the ground.
There were tables and chairs below that he could have hit on his way down.
I was able to be home when Mom brought him home from the hospital. It was so good to see him and be there with him that evening.


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  1. Oh for scary! I'm so glad he's okay, and I'm praying for a full and quite recovery!


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